About the project

Why is this project only for pizza and not for merchants selling other food?

You have to start somewhere. By targeting only pizza, the project will have more focus and more buzz. Everyone loves pizza. And the first bitcoin transaction was for pizza, so it continues the meme. We are going to try to change the world, one pizza slice & satoshi at a time.

Why Bitcoin Cash, and not BTC?

Bitcoin Cash is a much better fit for merchants because it is committed to being a peer to peer electronic cash system and it has consistently low fees. The BTC network is unreliable due to congestion and erratic fees.

Why do you escrow the bounties?

Escrowing the bounties ensures that the bounties can be claimed reliably and in a timely manner. It protects the project from disruptions, both intended and unintended.

Who are you?

We are Kain_niaK and some other Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts.
I (Kain_niaK) fell in love with Bitcoin as cash the moment I first heard about it in 2011. (proof)

Why are you doing this?

We are big believers in Bitcoin Cash and this is one way to help merchant adoption.

I’m a developer or web designer, can I contribute to the project?

Yes, contribution is welcome. Please contact us at support@bchpizza.org

About security

Are the bounties secure from hackers?

Although there is no such thing as perfect security, we employ a cold storage system to protect BCH funds from being hacked or stolen.

Why are you using a vanity address?

A vanity address that is recognizable to the community is one way to prevent attackers who gain access to the server from replacing our escrow address with their own. Although it is certainly not a fail-proof secruity mechanism, it does discourage hackers, adds another layer of difficulty to the attack, and makes threat detection easier. Our address is 1PizzAnwr7ApFJC2dZWAGJoNyPKBQwSF4p

Is there a way to remove the need to trust you to escrow the money?

Yes. In the near future we’ll be looking to add multi-signature functionality so that several trusted BCH community members can steward the funds. It will still be necessary to have an escrow function, as we do not know how to fully automate “proof-of-pizza”, but with multisig, we can set it up so that the site itself does not need to be trusted.

About placing bounties

Can I place a bounty for a certain restaurant?

No. The bounties are based on location (city). They are open to any pizza place in that city and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

What happens if more than one person posts a bounty to the same city?

Multiple bounties posted to the same location are cumulative. For instance, if Alice posts 0.1 BCH to Houston, Texas, and Bob posts 0.3 BCH to Houston, Texas, then there will be a total bounty of 0.4 BCH for that location.

Are there any incentives offered to those who reach out to businesses and onboard them?

Yes, they can claim half of the bounty.

Can I change the location of a bounty for funds that I’ve already deposited?

No. That would be a burden to manage and a disruption of the incentive.

How did you choose the top 100 cities and can I pick my own city that's not on the list?

The cities were not necessarily chosen as the biggest. We considered the presense of the BCH community globally, and in particular the existence of BCH meetup groups around the world. However any city with only 0.01 BCH on it can be swapped over if you contact us, as those were funded by a donation not specifically for any city.

What happens if no one claims the bounty that I deposited for a long time. Can I get the money back?

After 60 days, if no one claims the bounty, you can contact us for the bounty deposit to be returned. If after 180 days, the bounty is unclaimed and you haven’t requested the refund, the funds will be diverted to a new bounty at our sole discretion.

What happens after I place the bounty?

Please give us a few hours to update the website. Once updated, you'll see the bounty listing on the main page.

How much money is a good amount to offer for a bounty?

We don’t know. But hopefully we’ll find out soon what size amounts are typically motivating.

Is there a minimum bounty size?

We kindly request you send at least 0.01 BCH so we don't have to deal with tons of dust.

What if I don't know how to "sign a message" to place the bounty?

Here is a video showing how. In the near future we'll add some more user friendly methods.

Can I place a bounty in a different currency than BCH?

No, but can always you use websites like Evercoin.com and Shapeshift.io to convert other cryptocurrencies in to BCH.

About claiming bounties

Who decides if a bounty was rightfully earned, and how?

Our team will decide by reviewing the video proof providing by the claimant.

What happens if two restaurants both try to claim the same bounty at the same time?

If more than one merchant claims the same bounty on the same day, the bounty will be split and distributed evenly to qualifying merchants.

How can merchants start accepting Bitcoin Cash for their business?

The first step for most merchants is to open an account with Bitpay. We’ll post more detailed information soon about how to accept Bitcoin Cash in your business.

What happens once a bounty is collected for a city?

When a pizza shop collects a bounty, it will be proudly listed on our site as a BCH merchant. The bounty is obviously claimed, but users can still decide to post additional bounties for other establishments in the same city.

Misc questions

Can other websites and apps use the listings generated here in their own BCH merchant directories?

Yes, we encourage other Bitcoin Cash or cryptocurrency listing services to use our data.

Can I copy your idea and use it for other BCH adoption projects like coffee or tacos?


What if some pizza shops claim the bounties but then don't stay committed to BCH, or what if they accepted BCH but not enough customers actually use it?

We're not at all concerned about these kinds of "what ifs". There will naturally be some opportunism and slow consumer usage to start with, but we're going to spearhead the merchant adoption anyway. In our view, all steps toward usage and adoption are helpful.

Do 100% of the funds collected go directly to merchants or are there any kind of fees/overhead that go toward running this website and operation?

Indeed 100% of the funds collected go directly to merchants. The time and effort required to run this site are NOT paid for in any part from the bounties.