METHOD 1 (Recommended) - Sign a message

Step 1: Enter the BCH address from which you'll be sending funds for the bounty.

BCH Address:

Step 2: Select the city you would like to offer the bounty for:

Step 3. Sign a message using your address.
The message contents should be the exact city name as selected.
Make sure there is a single space between words
and no extra spaces at the beginning or
end of the message.

Paste the signed message here and click submit.

Signed Message:

METHOD 2 - Just pay and email

We prefer you use method 1 because it proves that you wanted the bounty to go to a specific city. However, if you can't sign a message for some reason, you can simply send a payment to 1PizzAnwr7ApFJC2dZWAGJoNyPKBQwSF4p and then immediately send an email to with your transaction ID and the city you want to place the bounty on.

The reason we prefer the signature method is that theoretically, someone else could email us and tell us a different city than the one intended. We provide method 2 for convenience with the caveat that we will honor the first email after the payment.